Company Hospitalised

Posted by Palash Jain on Sep 19, 2019 3:32:33 PM

Why do many companies go into ICU mode after a bad quarter?



Doctor’s diagnosis: Disengaged employees, slow poison!

  • Productivity: 68% employees are actively disengaged who do not utilise their potential and exhibit suboptimal passion at work.
  • Brand: Leaders do not engage with employees which adversely impacts the company’s employment brand, quality of skills and ideation.
  • Negativity: Actively disengaged employees are less proud of company’s products/services and spread undesirable effect on co-workers.

3 medicines prescribed to get the company back on track:

  • Leverage Technology: Per Harvard Business Review, leaders know employee engagement is essential for innovation, survival and business growth. But it is important to leverage the ‘right’ technology platform.
  • Senior Management Commitment: Any platform is as good as how it is driven from the top. No technology platform in the world can yield desired results unless management explicitly commits to fostering a ‘Culture of Innovation’ and ‘Employee Engagement’.
  • Seed Accountability: Have upto 3 member team with a leader that ensures (a) adoption of technology, (b) initiation of campaigns to generate innovation for business growth and (c) timely responses by owners for ideas/issues generated by employees.

Just before leaving the hospital, doctor’s quote:

“Most people seek medical attention only when their problem reaches 70% aggravation level. Do not wait for the problem to surface, take proactive measures for growth.”

Companies are no different.

75% of leaders now realise that not engaging employees hampers innovation and business growth adversely.

Bottomline: More engagement, better growth.

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