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5 Best HR Chatbots Transforming the HR Industry in 2020

You may have heard that HR chatbots are revolutionizing the way global HR teams operate on a day to day basis. Whether it’s rapid and actionable data aggregation (which takes up 50 percent of the average HRBP’s day without a tool!), enabling proactive reach outs through sentiment analysis, or allowing employee inputs to shape their goals and growth patterns AI and HR chatbots are allowing HR teams to completely revamp the way they work.

Best HR Chatbots in 2020: The Low Down

This massive disruption of the HR tech industry will only accelerate as AI programs become more intelligent based on more human interactions. For example Amber, our HR chatbot, has chatted with over 300,000 unique customers across 100+ companies in over 50 countries! Her inputs have helped HR teams lower attrition rates, respond to employee concerns exponentially faster than ever before, and spend their time on objectives and key results rather than drudging through piles of messy and incomplete data. 

As HR chatbots continue to amalgamate and process data they’ll only grow more accurate and crucial to successful business functioning, so now is the time to get on it and onboard an AI bot today! So, what can we say makes a product one of the “best HR Chatbots?” And what’s the best HR chatbot for your organization? Read on to find out.


The Gradual Transition to Chatbots in HR

A majority of the products that HR chatbots are trying to replace in the HR Tech history have for long been huge and bulky HR management systems. While cloud technologies have in some ways expedited and boosted the efficiency of HRM tools, they’re still generally clunky, unintuitive, and lack the real time feedback mechanisms that are a central selling point of HR chatbots. Yearly surveys and static feedback forms don’t offer insights that are usable; instead offering data that would have been useful several months prior to retain employees who may have already departed the organization at that point. 

This shift to HR chatbots is happening gradually as more and more HR teams become privy to the financial benefits that HR tech can bring to the table. Studies showing correlation between an engaged workforce and a highly productive and efficient culture has encouraged progressive HR leaders around the world to utilize technology to engage their employees. Finding an easily integratable tool could save your companies huge amounts of time and money. At this point in time, not having one is a big mistake!


Separating the Best HR Chatbots from the Rest

As the HR chatbot industry continues to expand, it’s important to differentiate between high quality products and products that are just jumping on this quickly moving bandwagon. So, what factors should you evaluate while you go about choosing the right hr chatbot for you? 

One key component of any strong HR chatbot is an easy to use user interface that does not require a strong technical proficiency. Like all new tech programs emerging, ease of use is in many ways priority number one for the developers. As many of us with less tech savvy relatives may know, the barrier to entry for complicated tech is often a huge turn off for potential users. In an industry like HR where the age demographic skews slightly higher making sure your user interface and user experience is simple, clean, and robust is a crucial component of driving adoption.

Second, any strong HR chatbot needs to solve the fundamental problem of real time feedback with a strong text sense engine and a robust AI backend. While some HR chatbots solve more rudimentary programs, such as merely providing general company information, the best HR chatbots and HR chatbot companies have strong analytic back end components to their products that ensure any data collected is able to be diced and sliced in the most efficient and enlightening manner possible. Even if the tool is an excellent data aggregation tool, an inability to process the data in a meaningful and actionable manner renders the data aggregated moot. 

Finally, an AI chatbot should incentivize users to use the tool. If you’re paying for a HR chatbot with a low response rate, why waste your money? The UI should be exciting, fresh, and well designed to grab and catch the user’s eye. Further, employees should feel that their voice is actually being heard! If employees write off the concept of chatbots in HR as merely a trend because you’ve onboarding the wrong tool, your organization is squandering a massive opportunity to reinvent the HR wheel. 


HR Bots in India

As one of the world’s fastest growing start-up economies, new HR chatbots are emerging from the Indian ecosystem on a daily basis. While not all of them are going to be successful, the fact that such a large amount of human capital and a high skilled tech workforce makes India a potential hotspot for the development of HR chatbots moving forward. Our product Amber is just one such example! 

Let’s take a deep dive into the 5 best hr chatbots on the market that are working hard and constantly evolving to disrupt the HR industry and completely change the way it functions from top to bottom.


#1 Engazify: An HR Chatbot Optimized for Slack

hr chatbots engazify

Launched: August 2015


Slack is one of the quickest growing tech startups in the world, and with a permanent shift to work from home occurring for a lot of companies worldwide more and more firms are turning to Slack as a consolidated workplace platform. With its integration technology, large file hosting sizes, ease of use and customization it is well suited to battle tech giants like Microsoft and Google in the comprehensive work suite race. AS such, Engazify is an excellent employee recognition HR bot. It works through Slack messenger, making it a simple addition for any firm already using slack, and tracks all conversations that occur on Slack. It allows teams to tally the number of times a teammate has been appreciated and build a leaderboard based on the stats. Employee recognition toolkits are another hot topic in the HR world because of the efficacy of positive recognition and its impact on employee engagement is well noted. 

Engazify also shows a week-over-week growth in the happiness score in a weekly, digestible summary. By tracking growth it allows HR teams to identify who within their organization might be a potential high value resource. Change over time as opposed to static measures of performance allow HR teams to make educated decisions on appraisals and performance reviews, as opposed to linking them solely to numbers that may not reflect the true effort of their employees.


hr chatbots engazify slack chat


#2 JLT HR Chatbot: Integrations Galore

hr chatbots JLT bot

Launched: June 2016


Launched in June 2016 by Ramco Systems, India based software products and services company, JLT bot claims to handle over 22 HR functions. JLT bot has integrations with popular messenger apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Messenger. It takes care of time off, pay, expenses etc. right through these messenger interfaces. 

As highlighted in the section on what makes the best tools, its seamless integration across almost all workplace suites and HRM softwares makes it an easy tool to onboard. Many HR chatbots fail due to low adoption rates based on the complicated nature of the product but the best HR chatbots, like JLT HR Chatbot, will ensure high adoption rates through their ease of use as well as the fact onboarding the tool is such a breeze. You owe it to yourself to check them out as another key player in the Indian HR chatbot ecosystem!


hr chatbots jlt bot phone screenshot



#3 Amber: The Premiere HR Chatbot in India

hr chatbots Amber Infeedo

Launched: August 2016

“Predictive People Analytics” is completely automated from the first day of an employee’s joining to their last. Amber asks questions when they complete different milestones in their lifecycle at the company and on the basis of people’s responses, a fortnightly culture report is generated. One of the many reports highlights people who need attention and are at a risk of leaving. This effectively helps HRs reduce attrition in their company.

Beyond efficient data splicing that helps derive concrete and actionable insights, Amber’s strength lies in her ease of use and how positive employee feedback has been. Look at a case like Tata CLiQ where they were able to achieve an astronomical 92% response rate, dwarfing global competitors. 

Finally, Amber’s constant module additions make it one of India’s best HR chatbots. Our crisis management module, tracking employee sentiment about work from home following the global lockdowns implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, launched within weeks of the global shutdown. Check out our Unlockdown Guide about work from home here; there are some incredibly surprising takeaways about the reopening process and work from home efficacy you should be taking into account at your organization!


hr chatbots amber infeedo chat gif



#4 Dino HR Chatbot: 


Launched: August 2016


Dino is a unique bot designed for the Slack messenger. Again, ease of use in Slack is a huge positive. It starts conversations with the team members by asking questions about organizational health, culture, workplace conditions, happiness on the job and more. Based on these prescient questions, Dino generates insights and assists leadership in making informed decisions. In a time of uncertainty, ensuring employees feel that their voices are heard and respected by leadership is a great way to boost your net promoter score. Organization transparency is a massive factor in building trust, and the best companies make sure all decision making processes are made at least partially public to ensure all employees believe in the org. 

Further, teams can showcase their working and culture to the public by broadcasting their internal conversations on Slack via Dino. Friendly competition in the office, like when we in Marketing challenged our CEO to a fundraising competition (he won…), drives up productivity in a fun and engaging way. Building a culture where employees push each other to succeed and improve through setting good examples and challenging their colleagues to keep improving is a great organic way to boost employee efficacy and ensure your workforce can grow naturally.

hr chatbots dino screenshot


#5 Jinie: A 24/7 Solution to Employee Concerns

Alt chatbot

Launched: January 2017

HR Solutions company PeopleStrong built Jinie for their Alt messenger which acts as a 24x7 personal work-life assistant for all employees. Jinie takes care of all the queries and provides instant access to data and transactions an employee needs in their day-to-day.

Why is it important to centralize data through one easy to use hr chatbot? Simple: it saves a massive amount of bandwidth for your HR Business Partners. Rather than constantly being bombarded and bogged down with ad-hoc vacation requests, calendar updates, and the ever time consuming reach out process HR teams can instead focus on targeting key business levers to help keep HR a central function in a time of crisis. Allowing HR to be a strategic partner in organizational goals increases efficacy, and gives them a sense of agency that encourages them to perform to the best of their abilities.


alt chatbot screenshot



Get Yourself one of the Best HR Chatbots on the Market Today

The HR tech market is constantly evolving, and AI is also trending upward at a rocket’s pace. While these hr chatbot companies may not be able to solve classic HR problems by themselves, they can most certainly act as a great accessory to HRs in ways never imagined before. Whether it’s ease of use, seamless integration, or sheer power of data collection hr chatbots are here to stay, and will only get more powerful. Providing more data-driven tools with easily usable interfaces will help ensure your HR teams have the time they need to target key strategic business growth levers rather than spending 50%(!!!) of their bandwidth on data aggregation. Stop wasting your HR team’s valuable time. Onboard Amber and watch your engagement levels skyrocket and your attrition rate plummet.

To see how this is happening in the real world, check out our resources tab and browse through case studies from our customers across industries. Trust us, the numbers will blow your mind!


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